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Mathseeds Advisory Group

The Mathseeds Teacher Advisory Group is a select group of innovative educators who are proficient at implementing online programs for early childhood education.

Our advisers help model the use of Mathseeds by using the program in their own classes while promoting the importance of early childhood math.

Claire Maxwell

Claire Maxwell, Kindergarten Teacher

Wahl-Coates Elementary School

Claire Maxwell is a kindergarten teacher at Wahl-Coates Elementary School. She has also taught Grades 4 and 5 and has a master’s degree in Elementary Education. Claire has partnered with us to promote the importance of elementary math and help Mathseeds continue to develop a program that is the best fit for both young students and elementary school teachers.

“Mathseeds brings to life the math concepts that our children are learning in such a way that they can’t wait to explore and make new discoveries! This program also captivates young learners during whole-group instruction and helps them make crucial connections with math content. My students were absolutely begging for more time on Mathseeds!”

Debbie Lefevre

Debbie Lefevre, Special Education Team Leader

JacobsWell Elementary

Debbie LeFevre is a special education team leader at Jacob’s Well Elementary School who teaches Grades 2–5. She has bachelor’s of science in education and an endorsement in Special Education. Debbie has been integral part of the Mathseeds panel, advising on program resources to best serve special education students.

“Mathseeds is a fun and innovative approach to teaching and reinforcing math skills through technology.”

Gail Mercurio

Gail Mercurio, MEd & NBCT, First-Grade Teacher

Albemarle Road Elementary

Gail Mercurio teaches pre-kindergarten through first grade at Albemarle Road Elementary School. Gail has a Masters of Ed in Curriculum and Instruction and has been certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Gail joined the Mathseeds teacher panel during the summer of 2015 to share her extremely valuable expertise in elementary curricula. She’s helping Mathseeds continue to develop a program that’s kid-friendly while targeting key elementary math skills.

“My students are so excited to use Mathseeds. Learning is so much fun, they are begging to log on and show me how it helps them improve their math skills—and it helps with our classroom lessons too! Mathseeds is a developmentally appropriate differentiation tool for individualized math instruction, as it targets the skills that individual students need to strengthen.”

Jomayra I. Torres

Jomayra I. Torres, 5th-Grade Head Teacher and Saturday Academy Program Coordinator

BelovED Community Charter School

Jomayra I. Torres is a fifth-grade head teacher and Saturday Academy program coordinator at the BelovED Community Charter School. She also teaches Grades 1 and 2 and has master’s in Elementary Reading and Literacy from Walden University. Jomayra has partnered with Mathseeds to promote the importance of early math learning. She encourages families and educators to help students develop a love for math and close the achievement gap between children from low-income families and those of greater means.

“Mathseeds is an incredible program that not only helps struggling scholars develop necessary skills in a fun and engaging way, it differentiates and strengthens skills for scholars who have already mastered taught skills.”