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How Can Explicit Instruction Help Students?

Explicit instruction helps students learn with lessons that are clear, concise, and developmentally appropriate. Mathseeds uses this structure so that students are engaged, learning, and building skills!

Mathseeds focuses on core skills with step-by-step lessons that require frequent student responses.

  • Clear and concise instructional videos demonstrate core concepts.
  • Highly interactive lessons keep students motivated and engaged.
  • Every student is working at their own developmentally appropriate level.
  • Teachers can easily monitor progress.

Intentional Teaching

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Mathseeds targets skills, strategies, vocabulary, and concepts that build your students’ core numeracy skills.

  • Learning goals are clear for students and teachers.
  • Complex skills are broken into smaller instructional units.
  • Language is easy to understand with clear and succinct explanations.
  • Step-by-step demonstrations show students how to apply skills to real problems.

Guided and Independent Practice

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Students are active participants in the learning process.

  • At each step, students make frequent responses as they practice new skills.
  • Interactive activities provide both guided and independent practice.
  • The wide range of short, focused activities keeps students on task and learning.
  • Students really enjoy the program and are highly motivated to continue making progress.

Spiral Design

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As students master each skill, complexity is built into the lessons that follow.

  • Every student is working at his or her own level.
  • Follows a logical, sequential path of teaching.
  • Core concepts are continually revisited with increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Adaptive program personalizes learning for all students.

Monitors Progress

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Student-centered online lessons complement your face-to-face classroom teaching to boost student outcomes.

    • Teachers can monitor progress with automated reports at a class, school, and district level.
    • Focus learning by assigning lessons to individual students or the whole class.
    • An extensive range of additional teaching and assessment resources allows teachers to tailor a blended learning program.