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Online Math Assessment: Standards-Based Tests

How do you find out what students know and where their knowledge gaps are?

Happy teacher holding tablet
Happy teacher holding tablet

Mathseeds Driving Tests provide teachers with a clear picture of where individual students are in their learning cycle. Within each domain, the tests progress through a continuum of standards-based grade-level skills.


Standards-Based Assessment

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Students tick off one skill at a time with tests that provide a comprehensive view of student progress.

  • Tests all Domain standards for kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3.
  • Driving tests cover six core content areas: Number, Operations, Patterns and Fractions, Measurement, Geometry, and Data.
  • Questions target key concepts, strategies, and vocabulary to help students succeed.
  • Students must demonstrate a high proficiency level to successfully complete each test.

Targeted Questioning

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Easy to administer and quick to complete, each test delivers questions at the right level.

  • Question formats are clear and easy to follow.
  • Audio support is provided for all questions.
  • Question sets increase in difficulty level to challenge students.
  • Format helps students prepare for high—stakes tests.

Easy to Assign

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Teachers can assign tests to individual students or the whole class.

  • Teachers can assign a Driving Test to assess student understanding before or/and after teaching.
  • Detailed reports provide useful insights into student progress.
  • Driving Test data can inform future student learning opportunities.
  • Use data to assign Mathseeds lessons that target specific learning gaps.

Reward Success

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Built-in reward games motivate students to make real progress.

    • The completion of a Driving Test unlocks 60 seconds of a game.
    • Students feel rewarded and are motivated to keep moving forward.
    • Game leader boards motivate students to complete another test.
    • All students can experience success and take pride in their achievements.