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Fun and Engaging Math Activities for Your Classroom

Mathseeds provides fun and easy-to-navigate online activities
that your students will enjoy, at home or in the classroom.

  • Child-friendly activities are fun, colorful and interactive – while directly relating to standards
  • Guided lessons enable systematic and explicit teaching of mathematical content, skills and strategies
  • Wide range of activities encourage students to build their critical thinking and problem solving skills in the classroom

Implementing Mathseeds in Your Classroom


Start the

classroom math activities that match student ability
  • Have your class take the Mathseeds placement test. This ensures that each student begins at the right level.

Connect with parents and guardians

try fun classroom math activities for free
  • Send home parent letters so students can access the program at home as well as at school. Students should complete three 15-minute Mathseeds sessions per week.


assign math activities and lessons to students
  • Assign Mathseeds lessons that match the content you’re covering in class. Use lesson plans, worksheets and apps to reinforce and extend learning.

Assess and
review results

track student progress in your math classroom
  • Assess students’ mastery with standards–based Driving Tests. Follow these up with multilevel printable topic tests. Review student progress in Class Charts and Reports.