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Mathseeds is a sequential online math program that's fun, kid‑friendly, and highly personalized for each student.

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An online math program that helps students achieve mastery

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Mathseeds works at each individual child's level to help students achieve significant growth in math while having fun. The in‑built reports let you see your students' progress in real‑time.

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Mathseeds is the only online math program that caters to young learners in grades K–3. Lessons are child‑friendly and easy‑to‑follow, so students are engaged and can easily stay on task.

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You can feel confident about every lesson you assign in Mathseeds. The program completely aligns to state standards and includes a detailed curriculum matrix for easy mapping.

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Mathseeds uses an intuitive, stepping‑stone format much like a board game, so children can always see their progress and feel motivated to move forward. There are also fun rewards to collect!

Mathseeds is designed by elementary teachers who understand what educators are looking for in a high‑quality online math program. With 25 years of experience, we know how important it is to support the unique needs of each student.

The Mathseeds online math program is a great way for students to reinforce their skills at home.

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Students can use Mathseeds at school, from home, and on various devices, making learning possible anywhere.

Your search for the perfect online math program is over! Here's what teachers have to say about Mathseeds:

Mathseeds school edition now available!

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Mathseeds is an online math program that's packed with helpful teacher resources