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Mathseeds Independent ESSA Evidence Level II study

Purpose and Background

In 2021, Mathseeds partnered with LearnPlatform, a third-party edtech research company, to analyze the efficacy of Mathseeds. The study was designed and executed in accordance with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirements.

The study was conducted throughout the 2021-2022 school year and gathered data from thousands of elementary school students (from K to 3rd Grade) to examine the relationship between program usage and students’ achievement (NWEA MAP® scaled mathematics scores).

The findings confirm the proven effectiveness of Mathseeds

  • Students who used Mathseeds showed higher math achievement.
  • It was found that K–2 students who had high usage in Mathseeds had higher end-of-year NWEA MAP® achievement compared to students who had low use of the program.
  • Furthermore, Grade 1 students who completed more Mathseeds lessons had statistically significantly higher end-of-year math achievement.
  • In addition, Grade 3 students who used Mathseeds had slightly higher mathematics scores on NWEA MAP® at the end of the year than students who did not use the program.
  • A total of 764 K–2 students, and 705 Grade 3 students from ten elementary schools in one district participated in this study.
  • While the K–2 sample comprised mostly of Mathseeds users, the Grade 3 sample had 100 students who did not use the program.

In conclusion, the findings did confirm the relationship between Mathseeds usage and improved math skills. The study provided results to satisfy ESSA evidence requirements for Level II (Moderate Evidence) given the study design and positive, statistically significant findings for Grade 3 students.

Mathseeds is a great tool in my classroom. It engages my students with intellectual disabilities and ASD. The short videos, variety of activities and catchy songs suit my students' abilities. I am able to keep track of student progress using reports and quizzes which then inform my planning and teaching.

– Kait Hawksford, Teacher

Mathseeds is a great tool for setting homework (time-saving for me). It's fun, interactive and my students love it! They always come back and tell me how much they love doing Mathseeds.

– Emra Han, Teacher

Download the report

For more details, download the full study report here: Mathseeds (2021-22) ESSA Evidence Level II study.

You can also review an independent effectiveness study from 2016 that focused on the impact of Mathseeds on kindergarteners.

About Mathseeds

The online math program created to develop essential early math skills and promote a positive attitude towards math.

Mathseeds is trusted by thousands of teachers for its proven effectiveness, multiple international awards and alignment to the Canadian Curriculum and state syllabi. Mathseeds has been ESSA-certified and independently proven to increase students’ math levels faster than those who didn't use the program. Choose Mathseeds to:

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Mathseeds understands that young learners need to be engaged and entertained if they are to stay on task. The program uses self-paced, interactive lessons, colourful animations and exciting rewards to foster an early love of math.

Build a strong foundation in early math concepts

Mathseeds focuses on developing a solid understanding of foundational math concepts. Lessons are designed to ensure that key concepts are learned in depth, which greatly improves long-term retention.

Provide students with lesson sequences tailored to their ability level

The careful sequence of core math lessons ensures all students begin at the right level and improve their maths performance as they progress through a curriculum-based continuum.