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Mathseeds for Third Graders

Third grade is a significant step up for students with more to learn, remember and apply. Grade 3 content challenges students to apply these skills to a wider range of problem types. Mathseeds supports all learners by building on existing skills, building students’ confidence and boosting success with new content.

50 rigorous lessons for the third grade

Students working together to solve a math problem
  • Every lesson includes an end of lesson quiz that acts like an exit pass, assessing each student’s understanding of a topic.
  • Quiz reports provide instant feedback of student results, topic by topic.
  • New concepts are brought to life with vivid, real-world examples from around the world.
  • Lessons teach and model new concepts and then students practice skills within different instructional formats.
  • Longer end-of map quizzes assess a set of topics to check retention and help you monitor growth.

Spiral design

Mathseeds question example

Grade 3 explores more complex ideas in each mathematical domain.

  • Progressive lesson sequence allows every student to work at their ability level.
  • Problem-solving gets students thinking about how to tackle different problem types.
  • Struggling students can work on the skills they’ve missed.

Expanded Assessment tools

Happy teacher in the classroom

Teachers can assign lessons and monitor progress with more assessment opportunities.

  • The NEW 10-question, end-of-lesson quiz provides instant feedback.
  • Longer end-of-map quiz assesses learning across the last five topics.
  • Placement test ensures that all students are working at the right level.

Rewarding success

Screenshots of some of the Mathseeds quiz screens

Student effort is rewarded to reinforce a growth mindset.

  • Every time students successfully complete a lesson quiz, they are rewarded with a fun mathematical game.
  • High score tables for each game promote further attempts. To replay the game, students have to redo the quiz.