Build your child’s addition skills with Eggy Add to 20!

Eggy Add to 20 is a fun and motivational app for the iPad and iPhone that teaches children aged 4–7 the addition skills needed for success with mathematics.

With a focus on building skills that help children add to 20, the app features 6 fun interactive games that make learning and practising addition enjoyable for young children. Children pop balloons, match balls, snowboard, count sheep, catch fish and play the memory game while learning many strategies that will assist them with addition.

Featuring colourful visuals, catchy music, fun sound effects, and exciting rewards to earn, Eggy Add to 20 keeps children engaged and motivated to learn essential mathematic skills.

Download Eggy Add to 20 from iTunes!

Eggy Add to 20 includes 6 highly interactive games, with two difficulty levels to complete for each game. There are also 15 Mashies to unlock – cute characters that children earn for completing activities.

Available on the App Store

Key features

  • For the iPad and iPhone.
  • Suitable for ages 4–7.
  • 6 highly interactive addition games.
  • 2 difficulty levels for each game.
  • Develops addition skills to add to 20.
  • Choose from 3 accents – Australian, UK and US.

Eggy Add to 20 is brought to you by the makers of Reading Eggs and Mathseeds – a team of educators with more than 25 years experience in early childhood education.

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