Grow your child's math skills with the fun‑filled online math program!

Mathseeds is the award‑winning online math program for kids aged 3⁠–⁠9. Your child can enjoy fun, interactive and rewarding lessons that teach foundational math and problem‑solving skills while nurturing an early love of math.

Mathseeds combines structured one‑on‑one lessons and highly motivational elements that keep children engaged and eager to keep learning and improving their skills.

Your children can start learning with Mathseeds anytime and anywhere there is a computer or tablet. Get started with your free 30‑day trial today!

“My daughter LOVES Mathseeds and is actually excited to be doing math, which is so amazing to see. I wish there were fun programs like this around when I was a kid.” – Tracey
“Great program!! My child loved the characters and looked forward to his lessons every day. He mastered the concepts quickly and has retained them. Highly, highly recommend to parents of young children.” – Laurine
“I've been using since my kids were in kindergarten. They not only love math but are doing great as far as meeting or exceeding grade level skills. I would never choose a different math program!” – Coralie
“We have been subscribers for several years now. Great program, and it makes learning math so much easier. The supplemental worksheets are great for making sure they really master the material.” – Cami
“My 8‑year‑old was struggling with the math program we were using, but he loves that Mathseeds feels like a game. We have had a great experience.” – Andrea
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