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Making Math Fun and Engaging for Early Learners

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Easy to implement in your classroom, Mathseeds was designed by a team of experienced educators and uses a highly engaging sequence of fun, motivating and rewarding lessons that K–3 students love.

Aligned to standards Mathseeds is ideal for both self‑paced, individualized learning and teacher‑driven, whole‑class instruction. Plus, the program includes thousands of teacher resources including lesson plans, printable worksheets and e‑books to complement the online lessons.

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Why Mathseeds is right for your class:

  • The program offers individualized student‑focused learning of core math skills and encourages students to follow their own self‑paced learning path.
  • A starting placement test ensures students are working at exactly the right level.
  • Each lesson includes a printable problem‑solving task that helps nurture higher‑level critical thinking skills.
  • The Mental Minute tool provides a powerful and engaging way to help improve math fact fluency.
  • Automated grading and assessment provides instant feedback on student progress.